Spending too much time handling paper forms?

With UBF you can create an effective strategy for your benefits administration.

UBF provides cloud-based solutions for benefits administration that can save you time and money.

It is an intuitive and highly configurable support solution for any benefits program.


What Do Employees Want in Their

Benefit Plans?

Results from a Recent Study of Over One Million Employees

  • Options are Everything

  • Personalization makes Perfect

  • Financial Wellness Wins the Day

  • Complexity Requires Simplicity


Open Enrollment

Employee Statistics

In a recent survey, 31% of employees gave their employer a "C" or lower when it comes to open enrollment. When asked what they find most frustrating about the process, they responded as follows.

Employees wanting help from their employers when selecting a health plan

Employees finding their current enrollment experience extremely confusing

Employees unclear about where to direct questions about health benefits

Employees trust their employers to provide accurate information

Source: Jellyvision

We Can Help You!

Our technology solution provides mobile-ready experiences for the employee and saves both time and money for employers.


Advantages for Employees

Easy Navigation Including:


Advantages for Employers

The UBF Platform Includes:

Data Exchange with Carriers


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