Demographics changes pose a dramatic threat to the business models of many transportation and logistics companies.

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Difficulty Finding Candidates with the Required Skills
Competition for Resources
Lack of Awareness of the Logistics Function
Lack of Interest in Entering Field
Compensation Package is not Competitive

Source: Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council, Canadian Logistics Skills Committee (2005)

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US Trucking Industry Will Need to Hire
Just to Deal with Replacing Retirees and Increasing Levels of Freight
Industry Challenges
  • Difficulty finding candidates with the required skills

  • Lack of awareness of the logistics function and interest in the field

  • Competition from other industries for top talent can be fierce

  • Larger competitors may have stronger brand recognition

  • A shortfall in reliable drivers and seafarers

  • Changing definition of independent contractors and employees


  • Image of Transportation and Logistics Industry isn't viewed as attractive by most job seekers

  • Many Transportation jobs are considered to be low paying and dead ends

  • High-skilled logistics roles with good pay and advancement potential aren't being considered by talented graduates

  • Competition is key to retain skilled employees

  • Aligning individual and company goals

  • Benefits and working conditions

  • Attracting more women represent a larger labor pool

  • Gender and cultural diversity

  • Corporate responsiblity

  • Strength of the corporate brand can go a long way towards helping an individual company overcome the sector's negative image