Study Results

In a Recent Study of Over 1 Million Employees

the Following was Discovered:

1. Options are Everything.

One size does not fit all in employee benefits.  In order for employers to attract and retain the best talent, they must continue to offer a wide range of benefit options to fit the wide range of needs present in the workforce.  UBF’s technology platform allows employers to provide their employees with choice with no increase in administrative burden.

2. Personalization makes Perfect.

Providing choice in benefits is only as effective as the ability of employees to evaluate the best fit for their individual situation.  To prevent costly over- or under-insurance, employers must make it easy for employees to understand how their benefit options align with where they are in life.  UBF’s decision support tools engage employees in a shopping experience that educates and simplifies the enrollment process.

3. Financial Wellness Wins the Day.

Cost-shifting is often necessary for employers to be able to continue providing health care benefits.  But it can create problems for employees if they lack resources to help them manage their growing financial responsibilities.  UBF’s enrollment systems educates employees on how to thrive in an increasingly consumer-driven health care system, and show them how best to use their available benefits.

4. Complexity Requires Simplicity.

A comprehensive benefits package can be a key competitive differentiator for employers, but the resulting complexity can put a huge strain on administrative resources.  Navigating multiple vendors and systems with limited integrations typically translate into cumbersome manual processes, poor data quality, and a high risk of error.  UBF’s technology solution eliminates these frustrations and consolidates all of your benefits management needs into one place.  With a single system to support communication, enrollment and administration for every benefit, you can more easily offer additional value to your employees.